Monday, January 14, 2013

Art Studio Tour Dinosaur Diorama

leather dinosaur
As you can see my Art Studio will never appear in my favorite 'Studios" magazine by Cloth, Paper, Scissors because surely this dinosaur and the overall horror of it all would surely scare them away.  I'm not knocking studios that have pretty lace and trim mind you, but mine is not like that.

I wish I could figure our what he is (I think a Brontosaurus) and where he is from. He's huge, and almost made of leather. His teeth are a high quality plastic or shell. His eyes are beady glass. It looks like he was hand sewn on his tail, which when I found him had a tear in it.  I have fixed him back to wonderful condition, and he just sort of hangs around looking for something to nibble on.

art studio
Go ahead, stick your finger in there, I dare you.

The closes things I found to him were:

Some leather animals done for National Georgraphic awhile back (teeth the same but hide on mine looks way older) and custom made dioramas for different museums. Whatever he is, he's cool and scary all at once.

Behind him are some books I picked up at the local Goodwill for fifty cents a pound. It's one of those "outlets" that put everything into blue bins, and you load up a bunch of books on the scale and well, sometimes you get a great deal.

If you  have any information on the dinosaur, please contact me via my Etsy shop RetroChalet or email me at

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