Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Where to Get Empty Cigar Boxes for Crafting Mixed Media

Buy Cigar Boxes for Cigar Box Purses at
Product Review: 

This just in, finally a place to find empty cigar boxes, and a huge selection at that. has a huge selection of empty cigar boxes. You can pick and choose the style and size you want for that special assemblage, mixed media, or craft project like a Cigar Box Purse.

Cigar Box Purse Ideas: 

If you are making cigar box purses, check out a few style trends on Cigar Box Purses  I found on Design-Swag.   There are also tips there too.

Altering Cigar Boxes for Mixed Media or Assemblage Art:

If you are using them for altering or mixed media tons of examples on Etsy, check out some of my faves...

Altered Cigar Box on Etsy TakeMeBackTreasures
Take Me Back Treasures has a super cool altered cigar box assemblage.

Saraphina Etsy Cigar Box Sculpture
Saraphina on Etsy has found a way to alter a cigar box into a cool assemblage.

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